About us


The National Productivity Centre (NPC) came into existence through Decree No.7 of April, 1987, now ACT (CAP) 70 of 2004 to actualize the desire of the government at improving productivity both in terms of quality and quantity of goods and services in Nigeria. Essentially, the goal behind the establishment of the Centre is predicated upon the need to improve the quality of lives of Nigerians by making available increased quantity and improved quality of goods and services to the people for the general purpose of increasing national wealth.


The NPC was established by ACT CAP 70 of 2004 as a multi-disciplinary, tripartite, research-orientated Parastatal, supervised by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment.


The mandate of the Centre is ‘to articulate sustainable and result oriented policies that will stimulate and promote the productivity of all sectors of the Nigerian economy so as to generate visible improvement in the quantity and quality of goods and services with the aim of enhancing the living standards of the citizenry’. The Centre also promotes international cooperation for the enhancement of National Productivity.


To be a world class productivity institution and key player in realizing Nigeria’s overall growth and development objectives.


To develop the mindset and institutionalize productivity culture in the citizenry for the enhancement of service delivery and quality of life.


Our philosophy is to develop a culture of operational efficiency, effectiveness and respect for the right of employees and other stakeholders, for the attainment of higher levels of national productivity and competitiveness in pursuit of comparative advantage in a globalised economy.