Consultancy Services


Professional advice is critical for all corporate organizations and firms that desire to have competitive edge in the global market. They are various fields in consultancy to meet the demand of challenges in organizations and firms for growth and improvement. The Centre has evolved this programme with experienced consultants on Labour relations, Management relations; Gap building, Business analysis, Customer & Client relations, Human resources management and Financial management. Our consultancy services also introduces clients to knowledge, strategies, tools and techniques that can transform already established business and even new ones with the opportunity of requesting for Productivity & Quality Improvement Programme (P&QIP) to be implemented.


At the Centre’s consultancy services, technical questions are asked to gather data and information about client and present situation or intended plans to propose possible solutions and directives towards achieving the intended goals. At the end of our consultancy sessions and engagement, a working document is developed and presented to client for guidance into the implementation of improvement plan for visible growth. Under our consultancy services we specialize in the following:

  • Management Consultancy (Leadership, Project Management, Objective & Key Results OKR)
  • Operational Consultancy (ROI, the return on investment of projects, Risk and Compliance to regulations and avoid potential legal and financial risks and Ecommerce production and management of products sold online.
  • Human Resources Consultancy (Employee wellbeing and satisfaction, Company culture, Recruitment, Employer branding)
  • Financial Consultancy (Investment advice, Insurance consultancy, Accounting, & Corporate finance)
  • Small Business Management & Development
  • Market Consultancy (Brand consultancy, PR consultancy, & Sales consultancy, Social media consultancy)
  • General Business Advisory Services (Strategic Planning – Mission, Objective, Environmental Scanning and Formulation, Business Planning and Analysis).

The consultancy services programme of the Centre provides a platform where our experienced consultants interfaces with entrepreneurs, managers and head of corporations on various professional and specialized challenges confronting their organizations. The services are well tailored and designed for both private and public sector organizations in Nigeria. Also both old and new organizations can assess our consultancy services at a low and subsidies rate by the government. A consultancy service helps business owners and entrepreneurs to develop strong strategies for achieving objectives and the organizational goals. The true value of consulting with the Centre is in achieving better results for less money and at a faster rate. The following are solutions provided by our consultants:

  1. Business Advisory Services.
  2. Research for extensive knowledge of market and sectors.
  3. Strategic Planning Process Guidance.
  4. Provision of competent solution for productivity problems.
  5. Expository analysis on the most appropriate strategy, tools and techniques for new capabilities and tenacity.
  6. Guiding organizations to achieve goals faster and better.

Managers, Entrepreneurs, Heads of Organizations and Captain of Companies across all sectors of the economy.


Our consultants deploy the eight step model in discharging consultancy services to our numerous clients. The steps are in phases as shown below:

  • Phase 1: Contact
  • Phase 2: Agreement
  • Phase 3: Data Gathering and Assessment
  • Phase 4: Further Research and Study
  • Phase 5: Change & Improvement Plan Development
  • Phase 6: Presentation of Strategy and Plan Document
  • Phase 7: Implementation of Plan (Independent and Assisted)
  •  Phase 8: Evaluation and Learning

The programme has several impacts to organization and businesses. There are as follows:

  1. Empirical Knowledge for improvement through qualitative and quantitative research.
  2. Overall growth through policy formulation and strategy development
  3. Continuous improvement through Analysis, Modeling, Counseling and Assessment.

Development and Domestication of growth strategy through Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning.