Director-General NPC Inaugurates Strategic Plan (2021-2025) Committee

Director-General NPC Inaugurates Strategic Plan (2021-2025) Committee

The Director-General of the National Productivity Centre, Dr. Kashim Akor Inaugurates the strategic plan committee. Giving that intelligent planning is at the very heart of productivity improvement the Director-General mandated the committee to come up with the strategic plan for 2021 – 2025.

Dr. Akor in his opening remark stressed the need for a formidable strategic plan for the Centre. He further stated that any organization that wants to remain relevant and not gloom in darkness must evolve a workable and effective strategic plan that can guide them into changing times.

Dr. Akor urged the committee to draw up plans that will be in consonance with the aspirations of the Government. The plans must of a fact create better arrangements for proper productivity promotion and advocacy in Nigeria. Dr. Akor gave the committee three (3) months to submit their drafted strategic plan for the Centre.

Dr. Gbenga Bamiduro, Director Planning and Policy Analysis Department, who also co-chairs the committee with the Director-General thanked the Director-General for his foresight and astute leadership quality giving the fact that this strategic plan will be the second under his watch, the first being that of 2016 – 2020.

Dr. Bamiduro also charged the members of the committee to put in their best in producing the best ever strategic plan that can guide the Centre into greater things to come and make the Director-General Proud. He furthered demanded total commitment, smart work and good delivery in the task. The committee consists of Head of Departments, Senior Productivity Consultants and Experts all drawn from the Centre across various Departments and cadres.