As part of its nationwide “Taking Local Government Service Administrators to the Next Level Initiative”, over 280 Directors and Acting Directors of Oyo State Local Government Service were trained by the National Productivity Centre in collaboration with Leadership and Professional Ethics Consult. The training programme with theme: “Taking Local Government Administration to the Next Level Agenda in Productivity, Leadership, Transparency and Accountability” was held from 16th – 19th August 2021, at the Ibadan Business School (IBS), Old Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo state.

The Programme commenced at 11 am on Monday 16th August 2021 with the Chairman, Oyo State Local Government Service Commission, Permanent Secretary, Oyo State Local Government Service Commission, the Lead Consultant, Leadership and Professional Ethics Consult as well as the Director- General National Productivity Centre (NPC) in attendance. After the National and Oyo State Anthems, a short opening prayer was made before the Director-General, NPC, welcomed the participants to the workshop. He enlightened the dignitaries and participants on the functions of the National Productivity Centre – stating that it is a research based institutions with the mandate to stimulate productivity consciousness across all economic segments in Nigeria. To the foregoing, he added that the Centre builds professional and technical competencies in both public and private sectors of the economy in addition to researching into contemporary issues of productivity. He mentioned the determination of national and sectoral productivity indices as one other function of the Centre as well as the Productivity Coaching and Mentoring programme for Secondary Schools and National Youth Service Corps members-a programme, which according to him, was aimed at recruiting the minds of the youth into productive endeavours and productivity early in life so that the country will benefit from their mindset and activities in the future.

Concerning the workshop, he said that the main objective was to build momentum in the Local Government Service for improved service delivery.  He added that the Local Government Service was the closest to the grass roots in Nigeria, hence the need for quality service delivery that can only be obtained from a highly trained and retrained workforce. He also stated that the resource persons were carefully chosen to deliver on the objectives of the workshop. He finally enjoined the participants be attentive, ask applicable questions and ensure they take home some knowledge and skill that can impact their Departments and Local Government Areas.

In his speech, the Chairman, Oyo State Local Government Service Commission thanked the National Productivity Centre for agreeing to train his staff. He noted that the Governor of Oyo State, Gov, Seyi Makinde was committed to taking Oyo State to the next level, and has spared no expense in ensuring that the workers are trained and re-trained. He thanked the Centre for its effort at identifying hard working Nigerians and recognizing them through awards. He especially mentioned the recent Leadership Awards conferred on selected leaders in the Oyo State Public Service in which two officers from Oyo State were recognized and rewarded with the Leadership Awards. He pledged continuous commitment to training and retraining of the entire staff of the Local Government Service Commission. He declared the workshop open and charged the participants to assimilate as much as possible in order to improve the services at their respective Local Government Areas.

During the Technical Sessions, the following topics were covered:

  1. “An Introduction to Productivity Concepts and Imperatives”: The paper introduced the participants to the concept of productivity, its relevance to national growth and development. It also discussed other concepts like quality, competitiveness, innovation, etc. and their relationship with productivity. It also spoke to quantitative and qualitative factors that are imperatives to productivity improvement in the workplace.
  2. “The Insecurity – Productivity Nexus, Implications for Local Government Officers”: This paper gave an overview of the insecurity situation in the country and its effects on productivity in the workplace, local government service and Nigeria as a whole. It shared some basic self-protection mechanisms that will benefit the participants.
  3. “Building Cross- functional Capabilities for Improved Service Delivery in Local Government Areas”: This topic focused on how organizations can harness the creative potentials of their workforce, using some productivity improvement techniques like Innovative Quality Circles (IQC) Creative Employee Suggestion Schemes (CESS) and 5S Good Housekeeping.
  4. “Productivity Transforming Habits: This paper focused on Time Management” A paper that showed the participants how to view time and how to multiply it by first understanding how they use their time utilizing “Activity Logs”. The presentation also shared knowledge on how to leverage technology for automation; delegation, organization, etc.

The workshop was highly interactive. Experience was also shared by the participants using several scenarios that were topic related. At the end of each paper, hands-on exercises were organized in order to crystallize the knowledge and skills shared.